Danville, CA Garage Storage Systems

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Ideal Garage Solutions is organizing Danville Garages with Storage Solutions one Garage at Time.

If your Danville Garage is in need of Storage Solutions give us a call. Serving the Greater Puget Sound area with Storage Solutions. Garage Storage Systems include Garage Overhead Racks, Garage Wall Shelving, Slat Wall and Garage Cabinets for Storage.

Danville Garage Overhead Ceiling Racks We feature the Hyloft Pro Series 4'x8' Garage Storage Rack at the best price. With over 20,000 installs since 2005, Ideal Garage Solutions is the Danville leader in Garage Organization. Get your Garage Organized by getting your boxes off the ground and stored above the garage door. Use the wasted space between the garage door and garage ceiling to install our Overhead Storage Units.

Danville Garage Wall Shelving After you get your Overhead Racks installed. Complement your storage solution with heavy duty wall shelving. Unlike the box store flimsy wall shelves, our steel, powder coated, shelves hold up to 400lb and can store plenty of tote bins. Run the shelves along the wall for easy to get to items.

Danville Garage Slat Wall Great for tools and sports equipment. The Garage Slat Wall comes in several colors and will last a lifetime. Made of PVC, this product is easy to clean. Since it is waterproof just wash it down with a hose. If you have exposed studs currently, no need to spend money drywalling. We can cover up those ugle wall studs with beautiful slat wall and give you plenty of organizing options too.

Danville Garage Cabinets Our Custom Garage Cabinets come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any garage. If you want a workbench, can add a butcher block countertop and complement with Slat Wall to hang your tools. Garage cabinets are a great storage solution for the Danville Garage.

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